Mattia Crespi

Mattia Crespi

Mattia Crespi


Futurist, technology evangelist, entrepreneur. Mattia interacts with innovators and innovation centers globally, to bridge research on new technologies, future ecosystems and the business environment. Technology strategist and innovation expert, Mattia is a Research Affiliate of the Institute For The Future, a Member of the NATO ACT Innovation Hub, the IEEE Standards Association and is linked to other Research and Innovation Centers worldwide, with specific focus on the Silicon Valley and Israeli innovation ecosystems.

In 2012 Mattia founds Qbit Technologies Inc, a Tie50 Silicon Valley 2017 Winner Start-up, developing Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for enterprises. As a futurist, Mattia’s work focuses on emerging digital technologies, virtual and augmented reality, the evolution of the Internet and the future of our global ecosystem, as well as defense and cyber security technologies.

Since 2017, Mattia is also a Faculty Member at the Dubai Future Academy.

Public speaking Experiences, from 2007 to date:

1. View Conference, Turin, IT, 2007. «Second Life and Web 3D».

2. Design Cinema, Istanbul, 2008, TR. «Machinima in Virtual Worlds»

3. SLCC, Tampa, 2009, US. «Second Life»

4. From Web to Grid, Milano, 2009. IT. Linden Lab in Italy.

5. Finmeccanica Virtual Worlds Day, 2010, Rome, IT. «History of Virtual Worlds and Best Practices»

6. NATO MSG 113 Workshop, Genoa, IT, 2011. «Risk Training using 3D simulation»

7. Innovation and MKT Creation with Virtual Worlds, Copenhagen Business School, DK, 2011. «Virtual Worlds Best


8. IEEE The Internet Of Things, Milano, IT, 2011. «The IoT an IFTF perspective».

9. NATO MSG 114 Workshop, Oslo, FN. 2012 «Gamification in Learning Paradigms».

10. LBS Alumni Association, Milano, IT, 2012. «From the IoT to the Age of Networked Matter»

11. NATO MSG 130 Workshop, La Spezia, IT, 2013. «From the IoT to the Age of Networked Matter»

12. Brandy, Milano, IT, 2015. «Future Economic Ecosystems for Brands»

13. DefTech Visions 2015, Armasuisse, CH. «2025 Future Ecosystems and Security Threats»

14. WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, 2015, DE, «2025 Future Economy Ecosystems»

15. Pensieri Esponenziali, SPIN, 2016, Milano, IT «The Future of the Internet».

16. Postal Vision 2020, Pentagon City, 2016, Washington, US: «B2Me and the consumer of the future».

17. Postal Innovation Platform Conference, 2016, Istanbul, TK: «Innovation in the postal ecosystem».

18. Innovation Day @ SNAM, Milan, IT, October 2016: «The Future of Technology».

19. EuroMed Day, Larnaca, Cyprus, October 2016: «VR and IoT».

20. PostEurop Forum, Beirut, Lebanon, November 2016: «The Future of Technology».

21. Unicorn Trainers, Confindustria Udine, IT, Jan 2017: «The Future of Technology».

22. Dubai Future Academy, Dubai, UAE, Feb 2017: «Virtual and Augmented Reality».

23. Postal Vision 2020, Pentagon City, 2017, Washington, US: «Virtual Reality «.

24. Dubai Future Academy, Dubai, UAE, 2017: «Lectures on Virtual and Augmented Reality».

25. WDFS – World Department Store Forum, Toronto, 2017: “The Future of e-Commerce”.

26. Edison Convention, Milano, 2017: “The Seven Economies Future”.

27. Biennale Innovazione, Venezia, 2017: “The Future of Business Models”.

28. Superunie Yearly Conference, Bologna University 2017: “Nine Urgent Futures”.

29. Festival Innovation Silea, Treviso, 2017: “Nine Urgent Futures”.

30. Swisspost Innovation Workshop, Bern CH, 2017: “Future of Technology”.

31. Daimler Group: Innovation Workshop, Palo Alto, CA: “Technology Disruptions and Future Scenarios”.

32. Anton Dreesman Congress @ Rabobank, Utrecht, NL, 2017: “The Future of Retail”

33. Banca Intesa @ Swiss Corner, Milano, IT, 2017: “ISP Meets The Gurus”

34. Information Technology Forum, Milano, IT, 2018: Panel discussion – “Role of the futurist in companies”

35. Retail Outlook Event, Amersfoort, NL, 2018; “4 Elements in The future of retail”;

36. RPA 2018, Milan, IT, 2018; “The Future, An Ambient Experience”

36. Motivational Speech @ Fico, Bologna, IT, 2018; “The future of retail”;

37. Retail Tomorrow, Milan, IT, 2018; “The future of Retail”

38. Wine Lab by Perbellini, Verona, IT, 2018; “The future of retail”